How it Works

Place the object in the sandblasting cabinet, turn it on, put your hands in the gloves (we provide latex gloves for you to wear inside the cabinet gloves for your protection), point the nozzle and put your foot on the control.

Staff will assist you with media selection, pressure adjustment, and blasting technique. The clock starts ticking when you are comfortable. It’s easy, rewarding and fun!

You can clean a variety of materials and coatings in our self- contained blasting cabinets.

Pieces to be blasted must be dry and free of oil and grease.

We Have The Best Sandblasting Option For Your Project:

Our self-contained sandblasting cabinets use three main types of media: Garnet Sand, Glass Bead, and Walnut Shell. Media selection is determined by the level of blasting required to get your project done right.

Need a good Penetrant/Protectant? We are pleased to carry Gibbs Brand . Check out their website!