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At Blast It! we currently have fourĀ individual blasting cabinets; two in garnet sand, one in glass bead, and one in walnut shell.






Air is supplied by a 25 hp. KaeserĀ air compressor coupled with a refrigerated air dryer, which ensures no moisture enters the air lines. The media stays dry and so does your project.






Our three large cabinets are 4'x3'x3' inside and can be extended in length up to 8' using our extensions.








These cabinets also have removable turntables with outside tracks for heavy objects.







Cyclonic filters separate out the dust and spent media and sends it through filter cabinets where it's collected for disposal. Reusable media is recycled back into the cabinet hopper.












NEW!!! Aqueous Parts Cleaner



Clean your parts in 180 degree water and 45 lbs of pressure.








Holds up to 1000 lbs.

Fits pieces up to 40 inches x 26 inches.








Following our theme of environmentally friendly, the machine is self contained and the liquid and sludge are removed and reclaimed by a firm that specializes in waste oil.









You don't have to use our other equipment in order to use the cleaner.







Drop in to Blast It! and give it a try!

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Blast It! Aqueous Parts Cleaner

Blast It! Aqueous Parts Cleaner

Aqueous Parts Cleaner

Before and After Parts Cleaning

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